Thursday, October 6, 2011

Come with us and let's go climbing!

There are so many discount coupon offers out there.. we decided to cut out the middle man and offer our own..

Last month we tested the waters of offering a really nice deal..We only offered it on Facebook to those who "like us" on FB.. Well it's been a huge success!
We've decided to take it off the pages of Facebook and extend the offer through 15 December!

So here's the deal.. if you have "liked us" on our Shenandoah Mountain Guides Facebook page you qualify! If you have not "liked us".. do so, and you qualify!
Then you and 3 of your friends can score a day of guided group rock climbing for only $50 each! (normally more than $100 each!)... AND, it'll be just you and your friends!
(not with my neighbor Bob's Aunt Hester from Phoenix who just happened to be in town and was looking for something to do..)

E-mail us ( to set up your day and finish your registration! Isn't that easy?

High value information...
If you have a special day in mind... I'd encourage you to sign up quickly as the good days are going to go very fast. This is an unbelievable deal that can only happen once every .. heck we've NEVER offered anything like this .. in all of our 20 years!