Sunday, August 22, 2010

United Nations... Shenandoah Style

With representatives from Chile, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Israel, Poland, Lithuania, India,South Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the U.K., Spain (and about 15 other nations) seeing the best of Shenandoah with us this year, we cannot help but note the universal appeal and reaction to a back country swimmin' hole on a hot day...
.. kids, adults, rich, poor, yellow, black, white, brown... it just doesn't matter.
It's ALL good.

Perhaps if the UN were to re-locate to our neck of the woods we'd make a lot of progress toward world peace, social and environmental justice and mutual respect.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Reading

I have an 18 hour turn around and a few moments for some summer reading...
Both Southern Living (their 5th article on us) and Blue Ridge Outdoors (the latest of several articles) provided very nice articles on some of our activities ..
check 'em out!