Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Flying thru summer..

When the full of summer hits, it quickly becomes an all-hands evolution. ..and this summer has been especially full. Since mid-May there have only been a few hours when anyone was in the office, much less had the opportunity to update this blog... Guiding, teaching, providing adventure programs for camps, working with the young people we regularly serve, adult groups... together, it has been full.. and now we have a bit of a lull before the end of summer crunch... So, in the interest of updating you on our activities.. here is a collection of images... (more can be found on our Shenandoah Mountain Guides Facebook page)

For some of the folks we work with, never having seen a mountain sunset has them trying to find ways to grasp the whole idea... such a big event, yet small enough to hold in two hands... and in a memory forever.