Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falling Backward

The intention is to keep this blog current.. so much for intentions. Normally as the summer crowds wane, so does the demand for our services... until this year. Between long days in the Blue Ridge, our work with a multitude of schools, companies and organizations, the Old Rag Mountain Steward program... our days are complete.

So with our website woefully out of date, gear needing cleaning, repair and stowage for the winter.. so much "real work" that needs to be done, we do what is most obvious..
We stay out as much as possible.. putting off the inevitable for some rainy / snowy day when no other activity can be justified... (Who am I kidding?)
Yesterday, we were up on the spine of Shenandoah with elements of DC city government... for those folks, it was definitely not business as usual! Beyond the 25 degree temperature difference, there was also SNOW... but just a dusting.... and a very good sign for us and our friends.. there was lots of roadside ice and a clear snotsicle off the old mans nose...

(the wonderfully miraculous thing about this time of year is the amount of contrast... just 3 ridges over into WV... within eyesight of mountaintops.. our good friend Chip Chase at Whitegrass was celebrating with a foot of new snow!.. Game on!)

Our college classes (Shepherd and Hood) canoeing and climbing are complete.. both wrapped up with spectacular field trips into the dazzling color...

And as Autumn wraps our world in still deeper shadows and the occasional chilly flurry. It all just keeps getting better and better!