Tuesday, July 19, 2011


All of our staff, both current and alumni from the past 20 years all still enjoy their own personal adventuring... Many get together for trips of a very high level as the friendships, skills and love of adventure span the generations.
Summertime, between helping visitors from around the world have a great time here in our mountains, you will often find us either just returning from a great trip or preparing for one.

The thing that sets us apart however is the dedication to gaining absolute knowledge of a destination, and the effort put toward the mastery of the beta... so that we may then savor the maximal experience.
In a few weeks, a team of SMG staff , former staff and friends will be traveling to Zermatt to climb the Citade- er, uh, the Matterhorn. True to form, one of our top guides has been spending breaks on the trail preparing himself for this epic climb...

Beta is beta... and this beta won a Newberry Award!