Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holidays on ice...

Seasons Greetings!

and a quick New Years Eve 2008 edit...
I'm usually out on the mountainside for the sunrise.. hiking, running, yoga/stretching, cutting wood... time in the quiet to gather my thoughts for the day ahead..
I've become a big believer in signs... all Fall we had the most incredible red sunrises (red sky in morning...).. and then of course the abundance of wild grapes and cones (results? the abundance of 2008 wild grape wine and (remember?) how harsh November was!)

This morning was a bit different.. maybe it was the fresh wind howling over the ridge, the snow showers or just the light coming a wee bit earlier. I'm not sure what it was that felt.. just DIFFERENT somehow.

It may have been hearing from my good friend Walter Lema (from St Martin de los Andes, Patagonia Synapsis-Patagonia) last night. His words reminded me that following your heart and your calling, brings true satisfaction and peace to your soul.

It may have been sitting in the chair made by my sons (Creekside Adirondack Chairs) my Christmas gift made from recycled skis.. that very well may be the most comfortable chair I've ever sat upon.

It may have been the promise of so many good times to come.. a thought fresh in my mind from almost finishing the new format for the 2009 calendar (at the bottom of this blog)

.. and it just may have been looking forward to tonight's bonfire with family and friends..

Whatever it is, 2008 is almost history.. and the promise of 2009 is powerful.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fire and Ice..

..sun, wind and rock.

Into the crucible, go these elements of winter adventures.

As the natural world slows for a rest, we gear up for the sort of adventures that can only be had in this time of year..

Many of you* will be receiving, shortly, an e-newsletter about some of our upcoming activities... some of the information will be found here on this blog, other will be found in early January on our website.
Adventures, adventure learning and the wild world of the mountains and rivers in the Blue Ridge, Potomac Highlands and Alleghenies ...all make for an enriched life, well lived.
.. the sort of life many hesitate to embrace, but love it once they do.... This year come to the source. Join us and bring your friends and loved ones .. on the rocks and waters and paths of our home range..

* if you would like to be added to our limited e-mailing please send a note to Andy at

**As a special offer to those who follow our blog, sign up for any of our guided adventure programs between now and 25 December and receive a 10% discount for you and your group.. good for any time in 2009 .. mention coupon code "SB1208"