Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Settling into the summertime pace..

Ready or not our summer season is upon us! ... and all that goes with that! mountain hikes! secret swimming holes.. deep blue sky, cool breezes, windswept summits, sun-warmed rocks... the perfect antidote to a snowy and cold winter!

Something (kind of) new for this year is the opportunity to join us for float trips on Maryland's Monocacy River. A "State Scenic River", the Monocacy is visible at a few road crossings, but quickly leaves civilization behind... Its banks are full of wildflowers and the air is full of birds!

As the FaceBook (The Monocacy River Canoeing Company) page says: "Specializing in low impact, gentle adventures in canoeing and floating, for families and groups on the Monocacy (Scenic) River"

An afternoon on the river is a perfect outlet for a group of friends wanting to socialize while floating on a summer afternoon.. It's ideal for a family, young or old who don't want to deal with hustle and bustle, but instead want to enjoy nature and each other on their own time..

Wild and high to mild and wet.. Visit us this summer! You, and your family and friends will be very glad you did!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"That time of year"

The transition is always killer.. when we shift from winter to full bore summer programming. It comes on like a tidal wave and there is no slowing it down..
One minute we're enjoying the last of the snow and the next we're frantically running from garden to river to rocks to trail ... shake and repeat. Courses and classes fill, overfill, get canceled, get rescheduled and get added.
It's also the time when we fall behind in our blog-keeping. Something has to go...

Most recently we returned from helping teach the National Park Service's Eastern High Angle Technical Rescue class in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina... and have been guiding hiking and climbing nonstop since returning... (For those of you with Facebook access, we are keeping a full profile under Shenandoah Mountain Guides)