Monday, August 31, 2009

Outdoor Leadership

A hot August day, a group of adventurous, prospective outdoor leaders, a plethora of problematic scenarios and a mountainside bushwhack traverse...
We're having some fun now!
One of the true joys of our work is when we teach our Outdoor Leadership classes. To have the opportunity to go into the mountains with experienced hikers, climbers, backpackers and educators and have open exchanges of ideas, techniques, methodologies and philosophies is a welcome bit of refreshment.

Typically, participants in our classes are those who will be responsible for leading others, regardless the experience level, when they go into the mountains. University outing club leaders, outdoor educators, prospective employees of other guide services and schools... all come to us for the highest level of professional training and certification available.

The SMG staff consists of master educators and national-level "certifiers" for outdoor adventure skills... we work hand in hand with several national assets whose focus is mountain safety and rescue. In other words, when we are not teaching Outdoor Leadership, we are doing it.

Of course, on a hot August afternoon, not everything is sweaty and deer tick infested... here we have a class taking a refreshing break at the ole' swimming hole..
ok, correction, not everything is sweaty.

.... and along the way towards gaining certification as Leave No Trace (LNT) Trainers, it's always a great demonstration to build and enjoy an LNT mound fire... a very low impact technique when done correctly.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Late Summer Blues..

..the end of the wildflowers and the early signs of maples changing in the high country let us know that autumn is nearer than we think..

the late morning darkness, followed by the mist in the hollows and valley

But with all changes, there is sweetness if you take the time to look and have the inclination to embrace the good.