Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Late summer sun always sets too soon.

This post is only about 3 weeks late.. which is pretty good, considering. This time of year is always very special. Just as the farmers and orchardists wrap up their growing season, we at Teamlink and Shenandoah Mountain Guides wrap up our robust summer programming.
No sooner does it wind down than we begin putting the schedule together for 2009.. and that's where we are now..

September's Washingtonian Magazine ran Bill and Mary Burnham's article on guided hiking in Shenandoah National Park.. The Overall Run waterfall described in the article is currently just a trickle.. but if you scroll down thru these posts, you can see what it looked like when the authors did the hike.

Our GWU Outdoor Leadership class had the chance to check out Overall up close and personal as we had another incredible mountain experience with these leaders of the TRAiLS program.

This is also the time of year when we try to wrap all of our rained out and re-scheduled programs be it climbing or paddling..
trying to take advantage of the late summer sun,
Only to find out just how weak it is as the evening comes earlier and earlier

.. of course the end of summer brings about the departure of our summer interns and staff. As they go back to school. We wish them the best on their learning adventures. We also look forward to hearing how they have been able to enrich their respective school's outdoor adventures.

As a last note, two of our summer staff, I'm particularly proud of are Drew and Jake. Besides being great climbers, paddlers and skiers, they are also pretty darn good collegiate athletes in soccer (at Lynchburg College in VA) and football(at McDaniel College in MD) respectively. The picture at left shows Jake after being invited to practice his kicking with Baltimore Ravens kicker Matt Stover...wow.

Oh, they are also my sons...

SMG guide, Chad ... Action Photographer!

yes indeed folks, this is Chad in action! on Old Rag, with a frat from VT... Action photography is not for mere mortals.. don't try this at home.